The American Colony and Eric Matson Collection:
Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan

Founded in 1881 by Horatio Spafford (author of the famous hymn, It is Well With My Soul), the American Colony in Jerusalem operated a thriving photographic enterprise for almost four decades. Their images document the land and its people, with a special emphasis on biblical and archaeological sites, inspirational scenes, and historic events. One of the photographers, G. Eric Matson, inherited the archive, adding to it his own later work through the “Matson Photo Service.” He eventually donated all the negatives to the U.S. Library of Congress, which has made them available to the public.

This CD includes more than 700 selected photographs of sites and scenes in the modern countries of Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. Photographs are included of Baalbek, Palmyra, Tyre, Aleppo, Damascus, Gerasa, Petra and many other locations. All of the images are included in pre-made PowerPoint® files for quick and easy use, as well as in high-resolution jpg format, suitable for projecting or printing. Quotations from 19th-century travelers give additional context to the photographs.

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About the Producer: Todd Bolen is professor of biblical studies at The Master’s University. For many years he lived and taught at their extension campus near Jerusalem. He is the producer of more than 20 volumes of photographs illustrating the biblical world, including the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands.

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List of Photographs on the CD








Byblos and Tripoli.ppt

Cedars of Lebanon.ppt


Dead Sea, Eastern Side.ppt


Jordan, Yarmuk to Aqaba.ppt




Syria, Hamath and Homs.ppt

Aleppo, gateway to castle

Syria, Northern.ppt

Syria, Southern.ppt


Turkey, Southern.ppt

Tyre and Sidon.ppt



Ajlun Castle, one of castle towers

Ajlun Castle, southeast tower and rock cut moat

Ajlun village

Ajlun, dolmen

Ajlun, entrance to castle

Ajlun, Gilead Mission Hospital, building

Ajlun, Gilead Mission Hospital, Dr Dorey's study

Ajlun, Gilead Mission Hospital, Dr McLean in study

Ajlun, Gilead Mission Hospital, enclosure

Ajlun, Gilead Mission Hospital, operating room

Ajlun, Gilead Mission Hospital, sitting room

Ajlun, Gilead Mission Hospital, staff

Ajlun, Gilead Mission Hospital, women's ward

Ajlun, near view of castle

Ajlun, upper story of castle

Ajlun, view from Gilead Mission Hospital

Jebel Ajlun, typical mountain scene of district

Jordan Valley from Ajlun Castle



Aleppo from castle with moat and entrance

Aleppo from castle

Aleppo, Arabic capital in Jami el Adliyeh

Aleppo, architecture in covered jewelry bazaar

Aleppo, Armenian weaving establishment

Aleppo, capitals among Mamluk tombs

Aleppo, castle and gate

Aleppo, castle

Aleppo, city and castle from southwest

Aleppo, court of Great Mosque

Aleppo, curious carriages

Aleppo, entrance gateway to castle

Aleppo, entrance of gateway to castle

Aleppo, entwined serpents over gateway to castle

Aleppo, finely carved Arabic window

Aleppo, interior of Jami el Adliyeh

Aleppo, Khan el Vezir

Aleppo, Mamluk tomb

Aleppo, minaret in Market Quarter

Aleppo, mosque and castle

Aleppo, piling licorice root

Aleppo, public square

Aleppo, Shrine of Abu Bekir, courtyard

Mounted Bedouin at Amman, 1921

Aleppo, Shrine of Abu Bekir

Aleppo, stack of licorice root

Aleppo, street of new Aleppo

Aleppo, typical courtyard

Aleppo, typical street in old Aleppo

Homs, train from Aleppo arriving

Qasr el Benat, north of Aleppo, from south

Qasr el Benat, north of Aleppo, from west

Roman road north of Aleppo near Bab el Hawa



Amman and theater

Amman from acropolis, with Roman theater

Amman from Roman theater

Amman, aerial view, acropolis and theater

Amman, arch of Roman bridge

Amman, basilica

Amman, Bedouin races, 1921

Amman, capitals of colonnade

Amman, Circassian horsemanship, 1921

Amman, colonnade

Amman, details of mosque

Amman, Emir Abdullah's camp, 1921

Amman, Emir Abdullah's camp, near view, 1921

Amman, emir's bodyguard mounted on camels, 1921

Amman, general view

Amman, group of mounted Bedouins, 1921

Amman, modern town and mosque

Amman, odeum

Amman, palace of emir

Amman, Roman theater with colonnade

Amman, Roman theater

Amman, ruins of mosque

Amman, ruins on Acropolis Hill

Amman, view of modern town



Baalbek, Arabian stalactite portal

Baalbek, entrance to ruins

Baalbek, forecourt sextagonal

Baalbek, general view from Palmyra Hotel

Baalbek, general view of acropolis

Baalbek, general view

Baalbek, grand quarry

Baalbek, Great Court, altar and basin

Baalbek, Great Court, altar, stairs

Baalbek, Great Court, architrave stone

Baalbek, Great Court, bull and garland

Baalbek, Great Court, cherubs, festoons on basin

Baalbek, Great Court, doorway, niche for statue

Baalbek, Great Court, Jupiter and Bacchus temples

Baalbek, Great Court, Jupiter and Bacchus temples

Baalbek, Great Court, Jupiter carved on stone

Baalbek, Temple of Bacchus

Baalbek, Great Court

Baalbek, Great Court, Roman emperor inscription

Baalbek, Great Court, south side

Baalbek, Great Court, south side

Baalbek, great wall of acropolis

Baalbek, Kubbet Duris

Baalbek, modern village and ruins

Baalbek, Ras el Ain

Baalbek, ruins from east

Baalbek, ruins of old mosque

Baalbek, Temple of Bacchus entrance

Baalbek, Temple of Bacchus entrance

Baalbek, Temple of Bacchus from northeast

Baalbek, Temple of Bacchus from northwest

Baalbek, Temple of Bacchus from south

Baalbek, Temple of Bacchus interior

Baalbek, Temple of Bacchus, carved ceiling

Baalbek, Temple of Bacchus, ceiling of colonnade

Baalbek, Temple of Bacchus, ceiling of colonnade

Baalbek, Temple of Bacchus, doorpost carvings

Baalbek, Temple of Bacchus, fluted columns

Baalbek, Temple of Bacchus, leaning column

Baalbek, Temple of Bacchus, northern colonnade

Baalbek, Temple of Jupiter from northeast

Baalbek, Temple of Jupiter from northwest

Baalbek, Temple of Jupiter from south

Baalbek, Temple of Jupiter from southeast

Baalbek, Temple of Jupiter from southwest

Baalbek, Temple of Jupiter from Temple of Bacchus

Baalbek, Temple of Jupiter, capitals, entablature

Baalbek, Temple of Jupiter, column

Baalbek, Temple of Jupiter, sunset effect

Baalbek, Temple of Venus, entrance and interior

Baalbek, Temple of Venus

Column of Yaat near Baalbek



Beirut and St George's Bay

Beirut and St George's Bay, with snow clad Sunnin

Beirut from Aley

Beirut from American University

Beirut Hospital staff party

Beirut, American University, biology class

Beirut, American University, campus from sea

Beirut, American University, chapel with students

Beirut, ancient inscription at Dog River

Beirut, beautiful homes

Beirut, cafe at public garden

Beirut, Dog River and old bridge

Beirut, El Burj, Place de Cannon, main city square

Beirut and St. George's Bay

Beirut, interior of home

Beirut, Pigeon Rocks

Beirut, public garden

Beirut, Ras Beirut

Beirut, sea front

Beirut, street leading to Ras Beirut

Beirut, street scene

Beirut, three bridges over Dog River

Beirut, unloading vessel in harbor

Beirut, vegetable market

Beirut, view from Aley on Heights of Lebanon

Byblos and Tripoli

Byblos, colonnade and large sarcophagus

Byblos, Crusader castle through colonnade

Byblos, Crusader castle

Byblos, glimpse of ruins with Crusader castle

Byblos, obsidian coffer bound in gold

Byblos, obsidian vase bound in gold

Byblos, sarcophagus of Ahiram, end view

Byblos, sarcophagus of Ahiram, king of Byblos

Tripoli and el Mina from castle

Tripoli, boats meeting steamer in harbor

Tripoli, castle from east

Tripoli, el Mina, port

Tripoli, mule-drawn tramcar

Tripoli, sunset from el Mina

Tripoli, Tower of Lions

Tripoli, train on Tripoli Homs Railway

Tripoli, view of el Mina and sea from boys school

Tripoli, view with old castle


Cedars of Lebanon

Cedar of Lebanon

Cedars of Lebanon near Tripoli, grove from north

Cedars of Lebanon near Tripoli, inside enclosure

Cedars of Lebanon near Tripoli, lone giant

Cedars of Lebanon, bough with cones standing up

Cedars of Lebanon, camping among cedars

Cedars of Lebanon, Hasrun and distant view

Cedars of Lebanon

Cedars of Lebanon, spreading branches

Cedars of Lebanon, straight trees like Solomon used

Cedars of Lebanon, west side of grove

Lebanon cedars in snow with skier

Lebanon cedars in snow



Damascus, aerial view

Damascus, Azm Palace, central fount in courtyard

Damascus, Azm Palace, courtyard from north roof

Damascus, Azm Palace, finest of reception rooms

Damascus, Azm Palace, fountain with reflection

Damascus, Azm Palace, north vestibule

Damascus, Bab al Salam, Gate of Peace

Damascus, Bab Sharqi, Straight Street gateway

Damascus, Straight Street, gateway

Damascus, Barada River from bridge

Damascus, Barada River

Damascus, camels in khan in old Damascus

Damascus, cemetery of Meidan and Damascus

Damascus, hangman's tree

Damascus, horse market

Damascus, House of Ananias

Damascus, House of Naaman

Damascus, Jamal Pasha Boulevard from roof

Damascus, Jamal Pasha Boulevard, east end

Damascus, main boulevard

Damascus, mosque of Mecca pilgrims

Damascus, old arabesque ceiling of Damascus home

Damascus, old door with Greek inscription

Damascus, Omayad Hotel, facing city square

Damascus, Omayad Hotel, facing city square

Damascus, one of city squares

Damascus, shop of Damascus wares

Damascus, Straight Street, covered portion

Damascus, Straight Street

Damascus, Straight Street, near east gate

Damascus, street scene

Damascus, Suq al Arwam, bazaar

Damascus, Suq al Arwam, covered bazaars

Damascus, Tomb of Saladin

Damascus, tombs of Fatimah and faithful

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque, courtyard, main minaret

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque, entrance from courtyard

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque, entrance from inside

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque, facade

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque, fount in courtyard

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque, interior, north aisle

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque, interior, south aisle

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque, main minaret, view ne

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque, main minaret, view nw

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque, main minaret, view south

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque, main minaret, view west

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque, mihrab and pulpit

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque, mihrab

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque, mosque from northern roof

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque, southwest minaret

Damascus, Umayyad Mosque, Tomb of John the Baptist

Damascus, view from Bab esh Sherki

Damascus, view from Omayad Hotel with Meidan Square

Damascus, view from Salhiyeh

Damascus, view from Salhiyeh

Damascus, view of city

Damascus, wall where Paul escaped in basket


Dead Sea, Eastern Side

Arnon River with sun over Dead Sea

Arnon River, looking west toward mouth

Arnon River, motor boat at mouth of river

Arnon River, mouth of river from east

Arnon River, narrow ravine

Nahal Arnon, near mouth

Arnon River, narrow ravine

Arnon River, view from west

Arnon River, view looking overhead in ravine

Arnon River, waterfall

Bint Lut, Lot's daughter, curious formation

Callirhoe, hot spring

Callirhoe, hot springs in Wadi Zerka Main, bathers camp

Callirhoe, hot springs in Wadi Zerka Main

Callirhoe, landing place

Dead Sea and Judean wilderness, view from Mt Nebo

Dead Sea from east, from Zerka Main area

Dead Sea, Cape Costigan

Dead Sea, Cape Molyneux

Dead Sea, Lisan peninsula

Dead Sea, northern end, evening silhouette

Ghor el Mezraa, landing place

Ghor el Mezraa

Ghor el Mezraa, submerged forest

Ghor es Safieh, Bedouin camp

Ghor es Safieh, coastline

Ghor es Safieh, interior of Bedouin tent

Ghor es Safieh, rivulet

Ghor es Safieh, types of Bedouins

Ghor es Safieh, volcanic formations

Promised Land as seen from Mount Nebo

Wadi Zerka Main



Gerasa mosaic, border design with stork and hound

Gerasa mosaic, river, water fowl and flora

Gerasa mosaic, section showing cupids and storks

Gerasa, ancient and modern

Gerasa, cathedral courtyard with Temple of Artemis

Gerasa, cathedral ruins, main avenue and forum

Gerasa, Church of St Cosmos, mosaic section, figure

Gerasa, forum and main street

Gerasa, columns of forum

Gerasa, columns of temple of grand colonnade

Gerasa, entrance to cathedral compound

Gerasa, forum and main street

Gerasa, forum with section of excavated pavement

Gerasa, forum

Gerasa, fountain of Church of St Theodore

Gerasa, gateway to Temple of Artemis from Cardo

Gerasa, gateway to Temple of Artemis from interior

Gerasa, general view of ruins from north

Gerasa, general view of ruins

Gerasa, general view of village

Gerasa, general view

Gerasa, group of relics in temporary museum

Gerasa, inverted inscription in modern house

Gerasa, northern theater

Gerasa, pillars near church of St Theodore

Gerasa, ruins of Roman bath

Gerasa, southern theater and forum

Gerasa, southern theater

Gerasa, southern theater, view of seats from stage

Gerasa, Temple of Artemis, columns

Gerasa, Temple of Artemis, Corinthian capitals

Gerasa, Temple of Artemis

Gerasa, Temple of Zeus

Gerasa, triumphal arch

Gerasa, triumphal gate and hippodrome from north

Gerasa, waterfall


Jordan, Yarmuk to Aqaba

Aqaba, among the seaside palms

Aqaba, irrigation shaduf, in vegetable garden

Aqaba, medieval castle

Castle of Zizia

Cenotaph of Neby Osha, 30 foot tomb of prophet

Circassian ox-carts

Dead Sea from Macherus

El Azraq, Bedouin youth with long hair like Absalom

El Azraq, Druze chief, typical Bedouin garb

El Azraq, general view of castle and lake

El Azraq, oasis and castle

Es Salt, Christian Bedouin girl sewing in doorway

Es Salt, general view

Es Salt, interior of peasant home

Es Salt

Gadara, Roman theater

Gadara, stone tomb door carved to represent wood panels

Gadara, stone tomb door showing carved lintel

Teleilat Ghassul excavations

Gulf of Aqaba, general view looking sw toward Sinai

Gulf of Aqaba, landing pier, looking w toward Sinai

Hesban, possible Heshbon

Hot springs of el Hammi, in bed of Yarmuk valley

Hot springs of el Hammi, one of pools and baths

Iraq el Emir

Irbid village

Jabbok River, Wadi Zerka

Jabbok River, Wadi Zerka

Jabbok, view of gorge crossing to Jerash

Jebel Osha summit

Jebel Osha weli

Joining of Jabbok and Jordan, telephoto from Osha

Kerak, Crusader castle from east

Kerak, Crusader fortification

Kerak, entrance

Ma'in, Beth Baal Meon

Macherus from east


Macherus, remains on summit

Medeba map mosaic

Medeba, general view

Medeba, Greek church, interior with map

Medeba, Greek church, interior

Medeba, Greek church

Mount Nebo excavation

Mount Nebo from Springs of Moses

Mount Nebo, Chapel of St Mary, close up of mosaic

Mount Nebo, Chapel of St Mary, mosaic floor of apse

Mount Nebo, Chapel of St Mary, ruins of apse

Mount Nebo

Mshatta, beautifully carved wall

Mshatta, details of brick wall

Mshatta, details of entrance to ruins

Mshatta, interior view of entrance to palace

Oak forest in Gilead

Pass of Aqaba coming up w side toward Kuntilla

Rabba, Rabbath Moab

Shobak, Crusader castle from east

Springs of Moses

Teleilat Ghassul excavations

Wadi Rukkad, grand waterfall

Wadi Rukkad, series of waterfalls

Wadi Seir, Circassian village

Wadi Selihi waterfall

Wadi Yarmuk

Waters of Heshbon

Zerka, near head of Jabbok



Aleih from Khulwe garden

Aleih, mosque, with motor road in far distance

Bardoni River at Zahle

Beit Ed Din, Shehab Palace, inner court, fountain

Beit Ed Din, Shehab Palace, summer parlor fountain

Beit Meri and Brummana from Ras el Matn

Ladder of Tyre

Belfort Castle

Bsherreh from Wadi Kadisha

Dahr El Kodib, highest pass of Lebanon

Hasbani River, Roman bridge

Hasbeya village

Jebel Sunnin across Bekaa from Mt. Hermon

Jebel Sunnin in Lebanon from Mount Hermon

Ladder of Tyre

Lake Yammuneh

Leontes and southern Lebanon

Leontes River, Roman bridge, 3rd century

Ras el Matn school, front with school boys

Ras el Matn school, general view with forest

Ras el Matn village, looking east from school

Ras Esh Shekka, exit of road and double tunnel

Ras Esh Shekka, motor road and tunnel

Tourza, typical Lebanon village

Zarephath, Sarepta village



Palmyra, capitals of pillars in Temple of Bel

Palmyra, Corinthian colonnade, brackets for statues

Palmyra, door of Tomb of Dionysios, swinging doors

Palmyra, finest of tower tombs

Palmyra, general view of Temple of Bel

Palmyra, highest of tower tombs

Palmyra, looking down from western castle

Palmyra, new village, distant view

Palmyra, pillars of colonnade with statue brackets

Palmyra, Qasr el Hayeh, small funeral temple

Palmyra, remains of temple at west end of colonnade

Palmyra, street of village

Palmyra, Temple of Bel, ceiling in southern cloister

Palmyra triple-arched gateway

Palmyra, Temple of Bel, eastern side

Palmyra, Temple of Bel, inner part of cella

Palmyra, Temple of Bel

Palmyra, Temple of Bel, pillars of peristyle

Palmyra, tomb interior

Palmyra, tower tomb of Elahbel, interior

Palmyra, tower tomb of Elahbel, pilasters, niches

Palmyra, tower tomb

Palmyra, triple arched gateway

Palmyra, triple archway and colonnade

Palmyra, triumphal arch, central portion

Palmyra, Turkish castle, moat, piers of old bridge

Palmyra, Turkish castle, Qala'at Ibn Maan

Palmyra, Turkish castle, south tower

Palmyra, view looking down from western castle hill

Palmyra, well preserved temple of king's mother

Palmyra, west half of colonnade with central arch

Palmyra, western cemetery, tomb towers on hillside



Petra, acropolis hill from high place of sacrifice

Petra, acropolis hill silhouette against sunset

Petra, Ain Musa, Spring of Moses

Petra, altar in Siq

Petra, altar on obelisk ridge, above Wadi Farasa

Petra, arched topped tombs in Wadi ed Deir

Petra, carved stone

Petra, citadel

Petra, classical niche in chamber facing Monastery

Petra, columbarium, east façade of Habis

Petra, columbarium

Petra, Corinthian tomb

Petra, details of beautifully veined sandstone

Petra, eagle shrine, in gully near el Mudhlim tunnel

Petra, El Barid, approach thru Siq, showing cliffs

Petra, El Barid, classical monument outside Siq

Petra, El Barid, cliff dwellings near high place

Kazneh of Petra

Petra, El Barid, temple in Siq, classical type

Petra, el-Mudhlim water diversion tunnel

Petra, Garden Tomb

Petra, general view of mountains of Petra

Petra, gorge and tombs en route to High Place

Petra, Habis, court and chambers

Petra, Habis, unfinished tomb

Petra, High Place of Sacrifice from east

Petra, High Place of Sacrifice from north

Petra, High Place of Sacrifice, altars

Petra, High Place of Sacrifice, court

Petra, High Place of Sacrifice

Petra, High Place, side view of altars

Petra, High Place, tops of altars

Petra, inscription on Turmaniyyeh tomb, telephoto

Petra, interior of Cook's Tourist Agency tent

Petra, interior of tomb with fluted columns

Petra, Jebel Haroun with Arab on camel

Petra, Jebel Haroun, Aaron's tomb, exterior

Petra, Jebel Haroun, Aaron's tomb, interior

Petra, Jebel Haroun

Petra, Kazneh from northeast, close up

Petra, Kazneh from northeast

Petra, Kazneh from southeast

Petra, Kazneh with ravine from northeast

Petra, Kazneh, capitals of portico

Petra, Kazneh, carved tympanum of pediment

Petra, Kazneh, circular tower decoration

Petra, Kazneh, details of carvings

Petra, Kazneh, doorway of side chamber

Petra, Kazneh, equestrian bas relief, s façade

Petra, Kazneh, from cliffs across lower Siq

Petra, Kazneh

Petra, lion bas relief, on ascent to obelisk ridge

Petra, lower Siq, tomb interior, graves and loculi

Petra, Monastery from southwest

Petra, Monastery

Petra, Monastery, urn

Petra, mountains from el Hubta

Petra, mountains from Eljii

Petra, Nabatean tomb interior, floor graves

Petra, obelisk of Zibb Atuf

Petra, Obelisk Tomb

Petra, Palace and Corinthian tombs

Petra, Palace Tomb

Petra, panorama of tombs on east, left

Petra, panorama of tombs on east, right

Petra, Qasr el Bint Faron, looking down from acropolis

Petra, Qasr el Bint from northeast

Petra, Qasr el Bint

Petra, Qasr el Bint, with Cook's camp

Petra, Qattar ed Der, cult niches

Petra, Qattar ed Der, el Hammam, with ravine

Petra, railroad station at el Ma'an

Petra, serpent cult niche, east cliff of obelisk ridge

Petra, Siq and Kazneh

Petra, Siq between Kazneh and theater

Petra, Siq from Kazneh

Petra, Siq, central part

Petra, Siq, water canal along cliff wall

Petra, stairway to High Place and funeral chapel

Petra, theater from above

Petra, theater from el Hubta

Petra, theater

Petra, theatre from lower slopes of el Hubta

Petra, tomb in route to Jebel Haroun

Petra, Tomb of Roman Soldier

Petra, tomb with snake

Petra, tomb with three urns

Petra, triple gate

Petra, Troglodite dwellings near Siq

Petra, twin obelisks, obelisk ridge near high place

Petra, typical double corniced tomb

Petra, Umm el Biyara, general view

Petra, Urn Tomb

Petra, view of mountains, looking north

Petra, Wadi ed Deir, eroded façade

Petra, Wadi Farasa, Assyrian type monument

Petra, Wadi Siyagh waterfall

Petra, Wadi Siyagh, patch of aloes

Petra, western entrance of Siq

Petra, Zibb Fir'aun


Syria, Hamath and Homs

Hamath, busy scene on the Orontes

Hamath, double waterwheel


Hamath, old bridge

Hamath, Orontes and waterwheel

Hamath, picturesque waterwheel

Hamath, street leading over Orontes

Hamath, waterwheel and aqueduct for irrigation

Hamath, waterwheel

Homs, Khalid ibn Al Walid Mosque

Homs, Orontes River

Homs, railway station

Homs, threshing instrument with disks

Homs, view from castle


Syria, Northern

Church of Saint Simeon, acanthus leaf capital

Church of Saint Simeon, apse

Church of Saint Simeon, fine carving in central apse

Church of Saint Simeon

Church of Saint Simeon, monastery from church

Church of Saint Simeon, pedestal of famous pillar

Hamath, Orontes and waterwheel

Church of Saint Simeon, remains of monastery

Church of Saint Simeon, wall with windows from nw

Krak des Chevaliers, approach through village

Krak des Chevaliers, Crusader castle from south

Krak des Chevaliers, Crusader castle

Krak des Chevaliers, distant view from north

Krak des Chevaliers, from Monastery of St George

Krak des Chevaliers, inner moat flooded

Krak des Chevaliers, outer and inner wall

Krak des Chevaliers, sw corner tower, baths

Krak des Chevaliers, undercroft

Latakia, looking across harbor to town, from south

Margab Castle from south

Margab Castle, entrance

Marqab Castle, approach to entrance

Marqab Castle, entrance to Crusader chapel

Marqab Castle, entrance, interior view

Marqab Castle, moon rise

Marqab Castle, view of Banias from castle rampart

Marqab Castle, western ramparts

Monastery of St George, inner court

Moselmeih, beehive homes

Moselmeih, beehive village

Moselmieh, beehive village on Baghdad Railway

Qasr el Heir, carved gate lintel

Sahyun Castle, draw bridge column from above

Sahyun Castle, draw bridge column in moat

Sahyun Castle

Sahyun Castle, southeast corner of ramparts

Sahyun Castle, view in eastern moat looking south

Tartus Crusader Cathedral from nw

Tartus, Crusader Cathedral, interior


Syria, Southern

Bosra, castle surrounding Roman theater

Bosra, entablature over pillar and engaged column

Bosra, four columns, view overlooking street

Bosra, Roman theater within castle, looking north

Bosra, Roman theater within castle, looking south

Bosra, street with Roman columns and pavement

Shahba, Philippopolis, remains of colonnade

Bosra, view of city from Citadel

Bosra, west city gate, Bab el Hawa

Deir Seidnaya

Ezra, entrance to Byzantine church, inscription

Hauran from summit of Mount Hermon

Qanawat, beautiful carved doorway of Roman basilica

Qanawat, church from northwest

Qanawat, colonnade of Roman basilica

Qanawat, column bases of church

Qanawat, double basalt doors

Qanawat, inner court of Roman sanctuary

Qanawat, large Roman pavement with ruined church

Qanawat, ornamented columns of Roman basilica

Qanawat, ornamented doorway on town square

Quneitra village

Salkhad, castle hill from north with man plowing

Shahba, Philippopolis, mosaic in feasting hall

Shahba, Philippopolis, remains of colonnade

Shahba, Philippopolis, Roman baths

Shahba, Philippopolis, Roman pavement and columns

Shahba, Philippopolis, Roman street from Triple Gate

Shahba, Philippopolis, Roman theater

Suweida, view from east


Turkey, Southern

Alexandretta from sea

Alexandretta, bales of licorice root in factory

Antioch and Mount Silpius

Antioch and Mount Silpius from west

Antioch, bridge and waterwheel

Antioch, city wall on Mount Silpius

Antioch, city wall on summit of Mount Silpius

Antioch, city wall showing dressing stones removed

Antioch, Mount Silpius with city wall

Antioch, Orontes River with old bridge

Antioch, Orontes River, from bridge

Antioch, Orontes River

Antioch, sarcophagus in Serai

Antioch, street in Muslim Quarter

Antioch, townspeople

Antioch, view from Mount Silpius

Antioch, view from west

Antioch, vine covered street

Baghras, Crusader castle, Gastun

Beilan town

Beilan, Antioch road, Lake of Antioch in distance

Daphne waterfalls

Daphne, Muslim weli

Daphne, waterfalls


Tyre and Sidon

Hiram's Monument near Tyre

Hiram's Reservoir near Tyre

Sidon with harbor and gardens, aerial view

Sidon, general view

Sidon, old castle

Tyre along north shore

Tyre and coast from Mount Hermon, telephoto

Tyre, harbor

Tyre, ruins of Crusader church